Hotel Santosh

Rooms in Hotel Santosh Hotel Santosh provides very basic room to his guest. Attached bathrooms are available but hot water may not be available. Rooms have comfortable rooms with extra sitti... Full Details »

Hotel The Great Ganga

Rooms in Hotel The Great Ganga The hotel Great Ganga is one of the luxurious hotels in Uttarkashi. The hotel provides luxurious rooms to its guests. The hotel has 25 spacious rooms with a wo... Full Details »

Hotel Bahuguna Palace

Rooms in Hotel Bahuguna Palace There are 20 rooms in the Hotel Bahuguna Palace. The hotel provides a quiet comfortable room with extra sitting area. The rooms are attached with the bathrooms... Full Details »

Hotel Krishna Palace

Rooms in Hotel Krishna Palace The rooms in the hotel are very comfortable with extra sitting space. The rooms are well furnished with the interior. All the rooms are well attached with bathr... Full Details »

Hotel Atithi Niwas Palace

Rooms in Hotel Atithi Niwas Palace The hotel has 12 well-equipped rooms. All the rooms are fully furnished with the interior. All the rooms are attached to the bathrooms with both hot and co... Full Details »

Hotel Ganga Yamuna

Rooms in Hotel Ganga Yamuna The hotel provides budget rooms. The rooms are attached to the bathrooms. The rooms are large with extra sitting area. The staffs of the hotel are quite friendly.... Full Details »